Does anyone ever really read your description? And if they do, do they really decide whether or not they like you and will follow you based solely on your description?
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The first confirmed diagnosed case of Ebola occured in the United States on Sept 28. I heard about it for the first time yesterday. Why is no one talking about this??

I bought a purple mum for my front porch and a half peck of honey crisp apples from the farmers market.

I started my day with 65 degrees, a sweatshirt, and a chai tea with milk & honey.

It’s almost my birthday.

I went to a football game this weekend.

Fall fall fall falllllll and I love it.

-I worked yesterday. I work today. I work tomorrow.
-I’m also going to the NC State v Florida State game tomorrow. Excited and nervous!!!
-I’m going to spend all day Saturday trying to make Eddie feel like we’re still celebrating his birthday. His birthday was this past Wednesday and he had to work and it was cold and rainy so he keeps saying how it didn’t feel very “birthdayish” and I hate that. Everyone deserves to feel extra special on their birthday!!
-I have a statistics test Monday that I’m trying not to freak out about.
-Still really busy and just trying to keep my head above water. I feel like I can’t give 100% to anything I’m doing and it’s exhausting. Tell me things will get better?
-Trader Joe’s pumpkin butter with peanut butter on whole grain toast is my everything on this crisp fall morning.

Received this new razor courtesy of @influenster!! First, the packaging. Amazingly easy to open. The razor = wonderful! I have sensitive skin and it is a game changer. (at E.S. Manor)

Received this new razor courtesy of @influenster!! First, the packaging. Amazingly easy to open. The razor = wonderful! I have sensitive skin and it is a game changer. (at E.S. Manor)

I’ve had my IUD since Monday and I wanted to share a little bit of information for anyone who is scared/hesitant to get one because you’ve only ever heard horror stories about having it inserted (I hate that word… so gross sounding to me).

It kinda hurts having it put in place (much better sounding). It’s not a huge deal, but it IS slightly painful for a few seconds. It was MAYBE 3 seconds (one cramp’s worth) of discomfort for both the measuring tool and the actual IUD (total of 2 sucky cramps and about 6 seconds). Basically, if you’re not a total wimp you’ll be fine.

I had cramps the afternoon after having it placed but haven’t had any since that day. I get a tiny little twinge every now and then but I’m not taking any ibuprofen or otherwise to deal with any “pain”.

If it continues down this path, it should be great. I’m sure I’ll do another update a few months from now.
Good luck and message me with any questions or advice!

I will be aging out of my parent’s health insurance in 2 weeks.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! You have no insurance.

I digress. I’ll be getting mediocre health insurance through school in case of emergencies or if I get sick I can go to the health center on campus. As a preventative measure and because I don’t want to pay $40/mo for birth control, I’m getting an IUD. Today. 2 weeks before I age out.

Nervous, yes. Wanting to get it over with, yes. NATIONAL ICE CREAM CONE DAY, fuck yes. Looking forward to 5 years of not taking a birth control pill and not having to pay for pills and using the [currently] most effective form of birth control? YES.

Someone visits your town from out of state and you thought, years ago, that you’d be friends forever and that this girl was your ride or die and then you flashforward to now and realize you aren’t friends and she dumped you and why would you even let your heart flutter at the idea of her being in town and maybe seeing her because she’ll never call or even text you back and you have no idea why that’s the way it is.

My lifecycle nutrition professor has me extremely freaked about osteoporosis and calcium intake.

Do yourself a favor, ladies, and take a calcium supplement or severely increase your calcium intake until you’re 28 and even after that do your best to get 1000mg/day. Frail bones are a terrifying motivator.

#calcium   #osteoporosis   #women   #nutrition  

I know Rice was never scheduled to play in this game but it makes my heart happy just knowing he’s not on the sidelines, his name isn’t on a locker, and I have another reason to fucking hate the Ravens - like the good Steelers fan I am.

Let’s go Steelers!!!