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This week has been extremely trying. I try not to come to tumblr to whine because this is my happy place and no one likes whiners.

So I’m glad to have had you guys all week, posting happy funny normal things and going about your lives and giving me something to read every day. It sounds stupid, but it really is nice.

This afternoon is for lemur tea, (I’ll spare you the ridiculously nerdy details about my gastrointestinal nematode project), and a quick trip to Wilmington to spend the weekend with my friend I don’t get to see nearly often enough.


  1. ignitestrengths said: I know that feeling of tumblr being a great escape. Wishing you a better next week.
  2. nmattea said: see you so soon!
  3. girlwithcurlsandglasses said: message me if you neeeeed me! xoxo
  4. oh-onelovelyday said: just a few more days until dinner!!
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