Does anyone ever really read your description? And if they do, do they really decide whether or not they like you and will follow you based solely on your description?
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My tumblr is becoming my instagram feed and I promised myself I wouldn’t let it come to this!
I has the sadz today because Tiffany is gone and life has yet to go back to regularly scheduled programming.

I have no clue how to look for a job. I have no clue what I want to do.
It’s very overwhelming.
Can I just go to the gym and drink wine every day?
Any advice is very very welcome.

Also - there’s no food in the house and my parents are gone for the rest of the week so I have to like… go to a store to buy things to eat or something?? Who does that?

And I get to sleep in and go to the gym when it’s not busy and my throat is finally normal (other than yawning… yawning still hurts). So it’s not all bad, right?

  1. raleighwoodrockstar said: alright my love, here’s the plan. you make a grocery sto’ run post-gym and grab a biggggg ol’ bag of chips and a bigggg ol’ thing of queso and salsa. and you plant yourself, the chips, and dips, at the computer and the three of y’all job search! xo
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